Latest IT Talent News June

NEWS SAAS START-UP MARKETSIZER SCORES €1M IN PRE-SEED FUNDING eir evo talent: The company have less than 10 employees but with the founders past success and this funding we would imagine some growth to come. It will be interesting to monitor this company and understand how they will hire. MarketSizer, a SaaS start-up founded in

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Contracting Plus cake

Contracting…a piece of cake

Ah Contracting PLUS you shouldn’t have! 🍰 Shout out to Jennifer Doyle and team for helping make our professional contractors’ lives a piece of cake! 🎉 eh and also thanks for the cake! very thoughtful. If you want more information about the benefits of working as a contractor, please read thrive as a contractor

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Thrive as a Contractor

Thrive as a Contractor: Explore the benefits and challenges of a contract roles. Learn how to get started and thrive with the right support from eir evo talent.

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